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Derek Daly

Performance in the Fast Lane by the Master of Fast

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Keynote Presentations

Complete Champion Culture: Driving to the Limits of Possibility
Complete Champion Culture explores the leap from Good to Great...and from Great to Extraordinary. You will savor how people can be pushed to the edges and boundaries of what might be possible. You will understand where the Culture of Extraordinary lives. You will learn how to achieve your personal best and how to sustain levels of performance that competitors are unable to match. Derek uses powerful, real-life sports analogies in a unique, compelling and often hilarious manner that leaves audiences in awe. The US Government has used this topic multiple times.

Complete Champion Leadership: How Fast Can You Get Fast? 
If the speed of doing business will continue to increase in the next 10 years, ask yourself, How Fast can you get Fast?  Derek takes you down the success road to understand the critical difference between going fast and being fast. You will learn how being creative and innovative helps achieve trail blazing performance and why corporations sometimes struggle to emulate these valuable traits. This topic has energized both male and female audiences from California to the Czech Republic.

Complete Champion Teams: How to AccSELLerate Your Team
Whether you buy or sell, take a riveting drive down the learning lane and understand how your team can make critical performance gains by edging more towards their personal margins and boundaries.  You will understand what it means to be asked to go beyond your best. Today we ask our teams to take more risks. At the end of this session they will understand how to take Intelligent Risks. Your teams will be equipped to journey to the Victory Podium more often to celebrate success. Enter this presentation an individual; leave as a teammate, and AccSELLerate.

About Speaker Derek Daly

Derek Daly is the epitome of the complete champion. Born in Dublin, Ireland to a middle class working family, Derek’s career path was set at the age of twelve when he attended his first auto race. From that moment, his commitment to the dream of being a professional driver was unshakeable. Derek worked his way—through the ore mines of Australia and the race tracks of England—to become a World class Formula One, Indy 500 and Hall of Fame Driver.  

Derek uses the teaching power of a unique sports platform in a way seldom seen before. He has competed against world champions, raced for some of the world’s most successful teams, won all over the world, lived in Monte Carlo, dined with Royalty, and was almost killed three times. His experiences are breathtaking.

With his native Irish wit, Derek presents powerful analogies with straight forward and fascinating details, delivered with the same energy and humor that made him a best-selling author and one of television’s most popular sports commentators. Drawing on his original research with some of the legends of professional auto racing including Roger Penske, Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt—Derek discusses why some individuals and teams fail to reach their potential while others become successful and famous. This original research produced a program that has entertained and influenced audiences across the globe.

His powerful keynotes unfold the winning culture of great teams who understand that critical performance gains occur at the margins and boundaries of people and equipment. Derek is a non-industry expert that will have you on the edge of your seat during his powerful learning moments. Using his hallmark "Complete Champion" presentations, Derek has taught the timeless principles of SAFE—Speed, Agility & Flawless Execution to companies like , Pepsico, Goldman Sachs, Xerox, Bayer, Deloitte, Growmark, Pioneer, Roche, Abbott Labs, US Government Department of Defense, USDA, Gallo Wines and the US Government Department of Defense. These groups have depended on Derek to motivate, inspire and enlighten their teams. 

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How FAST Can You Get FAST ~ 7:50

Preparation ~ 4:35

Meet Derek Daly ~ 5:11

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