Supporting Organizations for Over 40 Years

Remember the last time you were at an event, sitting on the edge of your seat, hanging on every word the speaker said? You looked around and everyone else was doing the same.

We know who those speakers are.

We’ve built our business to support you—the organization, the planner, the executive, the audience.

High Standards

You should know you're hiring someone excellent. We constantly rate speakers and propose only those who consistently produce great results.


Because your goals are most important, we’ve built our business around achieving them, not filling the calendars of those we choose to recommend.


Our job is to simplify yours—to adapt to your needs at every stage of the process.

The National Speakers Bureau maintains professional associations with the following organizations:

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We focus all of our efforts on you—the client. As a statement to this dedication, we do not accept gratuities and incentives to book our speakers. National Speakers Bureau selects the speaker who is right for your event; one who compliments your goals and objectives, as well as your audience.

The History of NSB

We’ve been around longer than VHS tapes and know what to watch for in speakers.

After 20 years working as a band conductor with music stars across the nation, John Palmer discovered a local speakers bureau in New York City and decided to translate the model to his hometown of Chicago. In 1972, National Speakers Bureau was born.

For over 40 years, we have helped organizations produce successful events.

“I trust National Speakers Bureau.  You and your team know our group and often know better than I what will work.  You take our business seriously.  I know we matter to you.  You yearn for feedback, both positive and constructive.  Feels like there’s a passion to stay good and get better.” - Trade Association

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