How We Work

We have designed our firm to support the event objectives of businesses and business-related associations. Below is our roadmap for ensuring your event’s success.

1. Brief

Through your input and our research, we gather the details and goals of your event.

2. Research

We identify qualified people based on your criteria.

3. Proposal

You receive our recommendations with a summary of each speaker’s proficiency and relevance for your event.

4. Selection

You select a speaker, and we assemble the details needed to make an offer.

5. Offer

We draft an offer with the necessary terms. You sign, and we present it to the speaker you selected.

6. Acceptance

When your offer is accepted, we send you the countersigned agreement, marketing materials, and invoices.

7. Preparation

We help you equip the speaker with an understanding of your business and event goals.

8. Logistics

We manage the details of your speaker’s itinerary so you know what to expect.

9. Game day

A well-qualified person helps produce your desired results.

Does it Always Work This Way?

Not always! In over 40 years, we’ve learned that each client and every person who speaks is different. An important part of our work is recognizing those differences and working to accommodate them.

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