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18 Predictions for 2018-2023 01.26.2018

By Vikram Mansharamani. Re-posted with permission.  2017 was a year marked by a series of seemingly seismic shifts, many of which disrupted the status quo. Robert Mugabe’s 37 year (mis)rule of Zimbabwe ended; sexual harassment made headlines globally, and American tax policies were reformed.  The war on corruption accelerated, with… Keep Reading…

7 Ways to Optimize a 5-Minute Huddle 01.18.2018

Communicating ideas quickly is crucial to a short meeting’s success. Alan Parisse shares 7 ways to optimize a 5-minute huddle: 5-minute “huddles” are the new meeting trend. As Sue Schellenbarger reported in the Wall Street Journal (11/08/2017), “Long-winded monologues and Power Points are out. There is no room for… Keep Reading…

Discomfort Yields Success 01.02.2018

By Brian Palmer, CMM Real learning, genuine change and significant progress usually involve some measure of unease. All sorts of situations pull us from a sense of comfort: new ideas, direction, people, schedules and processes. And just like the great teachers and lessons of our lives, these sorts… Keep Reading…

“There’s a level of concern for my success as a meetings professional, leading to a meeting or event that will meet or exceed its goals.” - Pulp and Paper Industry

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