Monthly Archives: February 2018

Improving the Odds for Great Speaker Choices 02.28.2018

The ubiquity of social media has brought evolution to just about every aspect of our existences, including how our speakers are considered, selected and utilized as parts of events. This article will explore some of the ways social media is and can be used as part of an… Keep Reading…

The Perfect VIP Photo Opp: Tips for Your Event Planning Checklist 02.06.2018

By Jenny Taylor from the D’Amelio Network. Re-posted with permission.  The Stress-Free Event Photo Opp A photo with your celebrity entertainer or big name speaker is a lasting treasure for your event guests. Of course, like much of everything else in the live events business, there’s only one chance to get… Keep Reading…

“I also want to personally thank you for all of your help and assistance along the way. Everything could not have gone smoother and we really appreciate your support. I hope that we have the pleasure to work with one another again in the future.” - Production Company

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