Monthly Archives: June 2018

Playdough Innovation: Finding the True Value in Your Products and Services 06.26.2018

Harvard Professor Dr. David Ricketts helps businesses understand how individuals create new value—and how to harness that understanding—for increased business growth. He shares: On the table in front of you is a simple, brightly-colored container of playdough. Your first thought may be, “Is this for me?” Your second thought is, “Can… Keep Reading…

The Role of Failure on the Path to Greatness 06.11.2018

Colonel Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) was the first female Thunderbird pilot and the first woman to fly on any Department of Defense military jet demonstration team. Nicole followed her career as a pilot with high-level assignments in the White House. The path to achieving extraordinary accomplishments is never without… Keep Reading…

“I’m fond of saying…’Brian (and team) know who’s a great presenter – so, just trust them and you’ll not be disappointed in their recommendations.'” - Technology Association

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