AI: Is Your Industry at Risk?

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The AI is coming. For our jobs. For our way of life. Depending on what you read, they will either make our lives better (yes please!) or decide we need to be exterminated (and who could blame them?). It’s a tough question to answer with a lot of gray area.

How much is your industry at risk? Well, now there is a question we can answer

Machines, you see, are really good at processing data. So any job that can be reduced to data can be performed by machines. Think about driving a car: This activity has been completely reduced to data. The road, its edges, its traffic…all data. Obstacles in the road…data. Traffic flow and laws…also data. Driving jobs will disappear.

Other industries need to be assessed by this same measure. How easily are they reduced to data? Accounting, finance, and law all easily reduce to data and are at risk. Even politics and law enforcement reduce to data. Many of the STEM skills we cherish now reduce to data. Machines are really good at math and science.

It is to the creative disciplines we must look for the future. Machines may be able to play our games, but they can’t design them. Human creativity will be the stand of human versus machine.

Let’s all raise a cheer for humanity. 

James Whittaker is a technology executive with a career that spans academia, start-ups and top tech companies including Google and Microsoft. James is known for being a creative and passionate leader and entertaining speaker and author. He regularly speaks to a wide variety of audiences, challenging people to think differently about disruption, creativity, storytelling, and the future.

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