Gauging a Speaker’s Availability: “Available” vs. “Open”

A speaker being “available” for your event date does not mean they are secured.  Brian Palmer, CMM , shares the difference between “available” and “open.”

Today I want to talk about two words: the word available and the word open.

When I contact a business and am told a product or service is available, I assume that if I want it, I can have it.

I think that translates to the speaking business. When I tell someone that a speaker is open, there’s often the assumption that they can have that person and definitely book them. Very often, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to actually secure that person. They might have the date open on their calendar, but there are contracts, checking with different people like a network, or any number of things that might be going on.

So I’m more careful than I used to be, and I tell people that a speaker is open on a particular date and go into what actually needs to happen to secure that person.

I recommend that when you talk about speakers in your organization that you are careful to use the appropriate wording to set the right expectations.

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