Previewing Speaker Video

A speaker’s effectiveness on stage is a crucial component of your meeting’s success. To aid your speaker selection process, we offer these tips on previewing video of potential speakers.

Preview Speaker Video

Video is a powerful tool to gauge whether a speaker is the right fit for your event—when these factors are kept in mind.

  1. Speakers give many talks. For a variety of reasons, very few may be taped. Lack of video does not equal lack of experience. It also means that speakers may be quite adept at addressing topics other than ones in the video.
  2. Each video represents a moment in time that may or may not be a general reflection of what the speaker does. Many speakers tailor each talk to the specific audience and client objectives. When you watch a video, you’re seeing the final product—not the input on which the speech was crafted.
  3. In most recordings, the speaker has a microphone, but the audience does not. This means you may not hear much laughter, even though the speaker is generating a great reaction. (Tip: If you record video of your event speakers, consider recording the audience reaction with a boom microphone. This will make the recording useful to your speaker and more engaging for members of your firm who might watch the speech later on.)
  4. Look for an aha, an insight, laughter, or wiping away a tear to occur every few minutes.  This captures your attention—and that of your audience.
  5. There is no “right” way to deliver a great talk. An effective speech may be high-energy or low-key in style. If you are planning an event with multiple speakers, consider choosing speakers who vary in their delivery style.

And most importantly: Video will never feel as good as it feels to be in the room with a speaker. You’re missing the feeling of the emotional response that people all around you are having.  When everyone is laughing together, when the room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop—that creates an experience that video can never duplicate.

And that experience is exactly why your meeting and those who present at it are so important.

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