Speaker Selection: Have Options

Speaker Selection: Have Options in Your Back Pocket

Manage your speaker selection process to identify a backup choice—or two—in addition to your first choice.

Speakers tell us they are available on a particular date. However, they will not extend a final, absolute yes until we make them an offer.

Sometimes—in the interim—things come up: a consulting assignment, another speech, a child’s play that would get in the way of your event.

If all your time goes into selecting one speaker, and that speaker declines the invitation, the selection process is halted. Often, it is very difficult to rev back up and make another selection.

Have a contingency plan.

Early on, put in place a second and third choice. This practice will help your selection process go smoothly and lead to better deals.

How to minimize the likelihood you’ll need to put a contingency plan into action.

Especially if you want a “name,” the closer to the event date that you decide, the more likely a personal event or business meeting will be on the calendar and result in the speaker not being available.  So, don’t let the speaker discussion drag on endlessly.  Select your speaker as far out as reasonably possible.

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