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Accelerating Performance Through Flawless Execution

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  • Specializes in: Communication Skills, Execution, Leadership, Motivation/Inspiration, Patriotism, Peak Performance, Team Building/Teamwork, Time Management/Productivity


  • Flawless Execution Keynote: A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success

    More Than Energy and Motivation—Return to Work With Real World ROI.

    Over the course of 19 years and 1.5+ million professionals trained, our keynote programs remain unmatched in three key areas: content customization, cognitive engagement and take-away value. During the Flawless Execution Keynote, participants will be introduced to the Flawless Execution Cycle, the simple, scalable methodology that is easily learned and adopted yet holistic in its approach to business management.

    Prior to your program, your Executive Consultant will work with you to learn your organization from front to back. Pre-program briefs allow us to gain an understanding of your company, environment, competitors, culture, objectives and language to completely customize the program to your audience through use-case scenarios of Flawless Execution created specifically to your challenges and opportunities. The result? A dynamic, high-energy keynote program that will lead your audience directly to integrating what they learn into daily operations to break down silos, drive accountability and accelerate learning—all in just 60 minutes.

  • U.S. Navy Seal Keynote: Your Business, Your Team, Your Success

    U.S. Navy SEALs are forged by some of the most intensive selection and training processes of any elite military professional in the world. They are a special breed of warrior, capable of conducting missions in any environment. Often operating silently under the cover of darkness, they possess a relentless commitment to individual initiative, personal responsibility and mission accomplishment.

    Learn how our U.S. Navy SEALs selected, trained, planned, led and executed their missions all over the globe. Our Navy SEAL speakers share the tools and techniques SEAL teams use to thrive and survive in rapidly changing and hostile environments. Learn how you too can apply those same tools to any business situation, anytime, anywhere. This exciting, interactive high impact one hour keynote highlights the process the SEALs use to ensure they achieve mission success, and then applies that same process to you and your team. Imagine hearing first hand stories about real-world missions that demonstrate how to leverage this incredible process to drive initiative, accountability and achievement—just like the SEALs.

  • Flawless Sales Execution: Sales Performance Improvement—When Failure Isn't an Option…

    When the economy is great, having a sales team that is less than flawless is tolerable. For most companies, soft demand means the team members on the front lines of sales have to take up the slack. Nobody wants whining or excuses about why a quota can't be met. Excuses don't make payroll. Like the world of combat, failure is not an option. But how can a team see overnight sales performance improvement? With Flawless Execution: Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief -the recipe for success for fighter pilots around the world. It works in the business of combat, and it works in the business of selling.

  • Leading Flawless Execution from the Top

    Flawless Execution starts with a strategy that's understood by EVERYONE—not just your c-level executives.

    In organizations around the world, high-level strategy tends to be disconnected from the front line execution of daily operations. This means that the organization is not aligned, execution is disorganized and unfocused due to disjointed or unclear leader's intent.

    A great strategy is only valuable if it's executed. In Leading Flawless Execution from the Top, Afterburner's most experienced current and former military leaders will teach your executives how to develop a High Definition DestinationSM to drive accountable action at the strategic and tactical levels. Your leaders learn how to identify critical leverage points, those few yet powerful strategic activities that you must undertake to achieve your High Definition Destination (HDD). This interactive keynote will energize your leadership teams and empower them with a process that will accelerate learning and cultivate a culture of accountability as the independent silos in your company begin to align to and strive for organizational excellence. Your leaders are about to be initiated into a whole new way of thinking.

  • Planning Workshop: Strategic Plans Built With Combat-Proven Planning Processes

    Most training companies measure success in class evaluation scores, but this is not an academic classroom discussion on business planning. The Afterburner Planning Workshop equips your team with a simple, holistic planning process called the Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM. During this 4-6 hour workshop, your team won't just learn how to create stronger plans using our process, they will immediately apply the process in a collaborative session to an actual project or initiative.

    When you walk away from an Afterburner Planning Workshop, your team will have a lot more than a plan. They will have gained a deeper understanding of the Six Steps of Mission Planning and how the collaborative, holistic process supports an all-around stronger mission. They will know the benefits of a Red Team and of asking the question "What if..." for contingency identification and planning. Your team will also have a sense of plan ownership, higher Situational Awareness and a new appreciation for their team members.

  • Rapid Planning Workshop Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM in Just 90 minutes

    Don't have enough time for a full Planning Workshop? You don't have to give up the plan just because you don't have the time. With the 90 minute Rapid Planning Workshop, your teams will develop individual plans leveraging the Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM with the guidance of our Executive Consultants.

    Same planning process, same proven results. The Rapid Planning Workshop teaches participants to develop quick, tactical plans using our combat-proven planning process. When your group leaves, each individual will have a plan that they can begin executing the very next day. But more than just a plan, participants will walk away equipped with a new planning process that enables them to create strong plans quickly for flawless performance in tight time lines.

  • Debriefing Workshop: Accelerate Learning After Every Mission with a Culture of Nameless, Rankless Debriefs

    Many organizations suffer from chronic execution failures because they are unable to learn from their mistakes. Individuals or small teams may learn lessons, but these lessons are rarely used in corporate team development and are rarely disseminated to other groups that could use the knowledge. Chronic failures never get resolved, opportunities are lost, and corporate cynicism is reinforced. At Afterburner, we've found that a standard operating procedure in military aviation called debriefing is the solution businesses need. Debriefing is the post-mission analysis of individual and team performance, focusing on planned execution and actual outcomes. For fighter pilots, the debrief is not an environment for destructive criticism - it is the vital opportunity to gather lessons learned that will save lives in tomorrow's mission.

    It's not about who's right, it's about what's right. The Flawless Execution Model features a simple, structured process called the Nameless, Rankless STEALTH Debrief. This six step framework was designed to eliminate the stigma of performance reviews by diverting focus from blame and refocusing on the root causes of errors during the execution phase. Using our demo-do methodology, your team will apply the STEALTH Debrief process to a recently completed mission, such as a product launch, the latest quarterly sales numbers, or the results of the marketing campaign. Your team will walk away with an understanding of WHY the mission was a success (or failure) and how the lessons learned can be applied to tomorrow's mission, improving the corporate culture.

  • Organizational Execution Workshop: Discover the Secrets Behind Effective Business Strategy Execution

    The global challenge for businesses in the Twenty-First Century is complexity. As economies, nations, supply lines, customers, technology and all the myriad influences merge to create greater interconnectedness and interdependence on a global scale, complexity creates turbulence and unpredictability. Business leaders must confront this growing threat. How?

    Organizational execution is everything. In a complex environment, individual execution is one thing, but organizational execution is everything! For organizations to survive and thrive on the leading edge of change, a common unifying methodology is required—Flawless Execution. Meeting the challenge of complexity requires collaborating as a team to plan and solve problems. It also requires aligned action toward a common objective. Flawless Execution provides the simple, common, and scalable framework to win in the face of complexity.

    The Organizational Execution (ORGEX) Program is a facilitated approach that addresses the four essential questions that any leadership team must answer:

    • Who are we? What is our Organizational Identity?
    • Where are we? What is our Situational AwarenessSM?
    • Where are we going? What is our High-Definition DestinationSM?
    • How do we get there? What is our strategy?

    To answer these four questions, the ORGEX program introduces participants to Effects-Based Thinking, a means of achieving long-range goals that is inspired by modern military strategic planning and complexity science. The collaborative planning team will carefully define their High-Definition Destination (HDD) and strategy in terms of Intended Effects while developing measurements that drive action toward these Intended Effects in a cascading, three-tiered planning model. The Flawless Execution Planning model is a simple six step framework that is as effective in developing strategy as it is in creating daily tactical plans. Afterburner facilitators will lead the team through the planning framework to create the following outcomes:

    1. Situational Awareness : a detailed catalogue of both trends and threats in the environment
    2. Organizational Identity: the organization's reason for being and its most important principles
    3. High Definition Destination (HDD): a balanced collection of defining intended effects that describe the organization at some specified point in the future
    4. Strategy: a written set of intended effects that will efficiently and effectively drive aligned action toward the High Definition Destination

  • The Afterburner Day: Break Your Performance Barriers with an Unequaled Experiential Learning Seminar

    During the Afterburner Day, your team will learn how fighter pilots execute missions flawlessly in the most hostile environments on the planet - and how you can do the same in your environment. This professional team building seminar is unlike any team building seminar you've participated in before. Your group will learn to use combat-proven planning processes to develop a mission plan—all while experiencing the communication challenges and onslaught of Task Saturation you've come to expect from your busy schedule. Then, once you've planned and executed that mission, your team will debrief it just like fighter pilot squadrons during a STEALTH DebriefSM. Your teams won't forget the skills learned during the Afterburner Day - because the skills they learn can be applied to the job the very next day!

    Start your day the fighter pilot way. Your Afterburner Day begins when you and your team are ordered to a briefing room where a camouflage net tunnel marks your entrance and parachutes, music is blaring and fighter jets flying across a giant screen. Welcome to the Afterburner Day employee team-building program - where we introduce your team to Flawless ExecutionSM, a proprietary continuous improvement process born in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation. After a high-energy opening keynote, your teams will immediately apply the Flawless Execution model during a collaborative Mission Planning exercise. This exercise is designed to force participants out of their comfort zone and into the unknown, rapidly changing environment of a fighter pilot.

    Success requires effective communication, leadership, and full-team collaboration to overcome big challenges - changing weather, spies, jets running out of fuel and a challenge known only to Afterburner alumni! All of the threats faced during the Mission Planning Exercise—weather, espionage and more—aren't just for fun: these are the everyday elements that cause Task SaturationSM in fighter pilots and even though your teams' environment differs, the effects contingencies do not. Following the exercise, your teams will learn about–and conduct—a STEALTH DebriefSM, the final step in accelerating performance and learning. Each team will Debrief the results of their Mission Planning Exercise and learn how to identify and transfer the Lessons Learned.

    After a full day committed to team building, alignment, and continuous improvement, you and your team will never look at team building seminars the same way. The Afterburner Day won't only set the standard for future training, it will set the standard for the way you do business in the future.

  • Leaning Forward: Not all Team Building Seminars Are Created Equal

    Leaning Forward is an interactive, corporate team building event where your team will learn, via lecture and experiential learning, how Fighter Pilots strive for Flawless Execution℠ in every single mission. This program is for clients that want a high energy, motivational team building program but do not have the required 4 to 6 hours of time necessary for an Afterburner Day event. While the Afterburner Day covers the entire Flawless Execution Model℠ (Plan, Brief, Execute, and Debrief), the Leaning Forward corporate team building event focuses entirely on Planning and Debriefing.

    Break your performance barriers with an unequaled experiential learning seminar. Your day begins in the Main Briefing Room as you and your team enter through a camouflage netting tunnel where you will experience an interactive, multimedia introduction to the Flawless Execution Model, focusing on the Six Steps of Mission Planning and the Nameless, Rankless STEALTH Debrief. The initial keynote is followed by a hands-on experiential team building exercise, where your team divides into "squadrons" of 15 and work together to plan a mission to rescue a downed fighter pilot. This exercise is designed to open the communication lines between team members or they risk failing the mission. Task Saturation sets in as the squadrons battle weather changes, enemy attacks, and short time lines to achieve the mission, forcing them to draw upon the skills they learned during the opening session. Group dynamics, task management, threat assessment, communication, and leadership are all tested during this learning exercise.

    Once the exercise ends, teams will learn their "profit and loss" of the mission, then return to the Main Briefing Room for an on-stage debrief of one teams' mission results. The Leaning Forward program provides the time-restricted team with an opportunity to address key areas of performance—planning and debriefing—to grow individually and as a group.

“I’m happy to report we’ve already begun to see a return on our investment. People throughout the organization are not only talking about the need to debrief more often, they’re actually doing it.” —General Electric

"I cannot convey to you how enjoyable and beneficial the Afterburner seminar was for our Field Management team! ...Thank you for teaching us the lessons of planning, executing, and debriefing. We are now ready to tackle the toughest competitors from a new perspective and ensure that we win the war!" —Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

"The Afterburners team obviously spent an incredible amount of prep time getting to know our business and our competition. This enabled them to walk and speak our language, which earned instant credibility with our senior leadership team. It opened the door to some great discussions around improving how we work together — the result of which has already made us a more effective team." —Bank of America

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