Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard

First Man to Fly Around the World by Balloon and Solar-Powered Plane

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  • Specializes in: Attitude, Communication Skills, Environment/Sustainability, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building/Teamwork


  • Overview

    A born communicator, Bertrand Piccard knows to convey the intensity of his experiences, and pass on the lessons they taught him.

    With his dual identities as doctor and explorer, Bertrand Piccard has become highly sought after throughout the world as a speaker. Large companies wishing to generate customer loyalty or motivate their managers and employees find much of interest in his vision, career, and family history combining science with human values. But the Secretary General of the UN, the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi and leaders of several other countries also came under the spell of his personality, inviting him to open international forums, notably on energy policy and sustainable development.

    Bertrand is fully aware that his audiences are not there to listen to an adventure story, but rather to tap into his experiences and draw inspiration from them for their own professional and personal lives. He uses his aeronautical expeditions as a backdrop to develop his concepts of psychology for living and human communication. Within this framework, he has inspired audiences at hundreds of public and private events, speaking on the pioneering spirit, motivation, and team-work, as well as how to deal with stress, uncertainty and crisis situations. At the request of some audiences, he also covers medical topics such as the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

  • Pioneering Spirit for Inventing the Future

    How can we achieve what most people think is impossible? A questioning approach yields openness of mind and heart, whereas certitude is an end in itself. From vision to implementation, innovation is a state of mind outside established paradigms.

  • Changing Altitude in the Winds of Life (or Be a Balloonist in Your Business)

    Balloon-flight becomes a model for management, and even for personal development. In this metaphor for life, the balloon is the prisoner of the airflow that propels it along, just as we are imprisoned by our certitudes, problems or destinies. Just as balloons can change altitude to find air currents that alter their direction of travel, so too human beings can elevate themselves professionally, psychologically, philosophically or even spiritually in order to re-assume responsibility for the direction their lives are taking. To do this, they must learn to jettison ballastas in a balloon—the ballast of dogmas, ingrained habits, exclamation marks and other set norms.

    Based on the Solar Impulse program, clean technologies, sustainable development and energy policy are other subjects that he masters and will be happy to speak about.

    His experiences as a doctor and psychiatrist using hypnosis and autohypnosis bring a new perspective to events that have a medical orientation.

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