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Dan Thurmon

Navigate Uncertainty with Confidence

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  • Specializes in: Entertainment, Humor/Motivation, Motivation/Inspiration, Safety and Disaster Preparedness
  • Travels From: Georgia


  • Off Balance On Purpose: Work-Life Integration That's Possible, Not Perfect

    Achieving a perfect balance between the demands of work and the complexities of life is an intriguing, desirable concept. It's also completely unrealistic.

    The common way of pursuing "balance" is entirely inadequate: We sell short our best efforts, burden ourselves with guilt, and exhaust our energy. Instead, we need to make an ongoing effort to infuse "life" into the workplace, and to let go of the notion of being perfectly balanced.

    In this empowering keynote, Dan provides a new model for viewing work objectives. Instead of being separate or competing with life, they are a vital and connected component. Successful work-life integration fosters excellence, innovation, and loyalty among employees. Therefore, this presentation becomes the catalyst for an ongoing and transformational conversation and plan of action.

    Work-life integration speaker Dan Thurmon provides practical, reality-based solutions to help leaders and employees support one another personally, as well as professionally. And his presentation style? It's nothing short of spectacular! Dan doesn't stand behind a podium and talk about work-life integration—he does handstands on the podium to demonstrate what real balance actually looks like. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

    As a result of attending this program, attendees will be able to:

    • Manage their energy and time more effectively.
    • Improve their ability to focus on the task at hand.
    • Understand that "Perfect Balance" is an unachievable goal.
    • Adopt an Off Balance On Purpose approach as a realistic and empowering alternative.
    • Name the Five Spheres of "Complete Success."
    • Utilize "Lifelines" to integrate the aspects of life.
    • Have supportive and appropriate conversations with their peers about life outside the workplace.

  • Performance Excellence: Show-Stopping Performance. Life-Changing Message.

    In today’s landscape, if an organization is standing still, it’s moving backward. Success depends on surpassing limits, embracing change, and outshining the competition.

    But it’s easy to stay in a comfortable “box”—for complacency to replace creativity and innovation to stagnate. “Good enough” might just become the norm. Dan Thurmon reinvigorates audiences with action-packed messages that instill a passion to succeed that you just can’t put a price tag on.

    Dan’s keynote performances help create a culture of continuous improvement by shattering self-imposed limitations, rekindling a commitment to excellence, and fostering mastery of change. Leaders get fired up and focused. Teams improve their execution. Employees scale the heights to peak performance.

    Dan Doesn’t Just Talk About Peak Performance. He Personifies It. He uses gravity-defying feats as his visual aids, delivering unforgettable messages with jaw-dropping style:

    • He demonstrates work-life balance with podium handstands.
    • He illustrates performing under pressure by juggling sharp objects.
    • He visually amplifies the principles of navigating change by weaving through the crowd on a six-foot unicycle.

    Dan infuses audiences with an immediate shot of adrenaline, sending them out the door with the confidence – and the tools – to begin implementing change immediately.

  • Corporate Wellness: Managing Stress and Taking Care of You

    As a performer and speaker, Dan Thurmon knows first-hand the importance of stress management, physical fitness, and total health. Your audience can benefit from a corporate wellness program by a speaker who actually lives what he says.

    Balancing Dan's physically demanding presentations, a full speaking schedule, and family priorities requires self-discipline. It also demands an understanding and appreciation of the areas that can impact a person's total wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    In this keynote, corporate wellness speaker Dan Thurmon explores the relationship between employee wellness and corporate success. But it's his signature high-impact style (including juggling, acrobatics, and even a unicycle) that drives his message home. Audiences have a fantastic time while being inspired and motivated to improve their total wellness!

    As a result of attending this program, attendees will be able to:

    • Understand the effects of stress on personal and work success.
    • Recognize the importance of taking care of all aspects of their health.
    • Develop strategies to manage stress.
    • Adopt a positive mindset and methods for success.
    • Commit to ongoing learning, self-respect, and self-discipline.

  • The Rhythm of Success

    Are you are looking for a way to gain top performance from your team? Would you like to enhance the strength and reliability of your organization's internal and external relationships? Are you searching for a motivational experience that delivers energy and enthusiasm, as well as a powerful message?

    Well, look no further.

    "The Rhythm of Success" is a thrilling team presentation that illustrates the value of relationships in business and in life. After all, achieving "success" is not a solo performance. We rely on others for support, input, and accountability. To be our best, we need to learn the most effective way to partner with others.

    Dan Thurmon teams up with his performance partner (and best friend since high school), Philip Solomon, to deliver this unique, transformational program. They combine live percussion, great music, thrilling stunts, and a healthy dose of audience involvement to illustrate the vital characteristics of successful teams.

    Philip Solomon is a nationally recognized actor, musician and entertainment producer. He's also the Los Angeles Outreach Coordinator and an International Trainer for Cirque du Soleil. Philip is President of Way Too Much Entertainment, and an expert in conflict resolution, teamwork, and communication.

    As a result of attending this program, attendees will be able to:

    • Develop more effective communication, collaboration, and trust in your organization.
    • How to partner effectively, especially when the pressure is on.
    • Enhanced communication and collaboration.
    • New techniques for resolving conflicts and repairing damaged relationships.
    • Invigorated team spirit.
    • Tools and motivation to take on new challenges together.
    • Create better results.
    • More rewarding experiences for team members and clients.

  • High Performance Sales

    High Performance Sales
    Selling is a performance—the process of taking your audience (customer) through an experience that builds interest and engagement, ending in a successful sale. Dan reveals presentation/performance secrets to help sales professionals improve performance and bottom line results, including:

    • How to differentiate your approach from competitors to stand apart and above the rest.
    • How to manage your customers' expectations and ensure that you deliver more than they anticipate.
    • How focusing on value and uniqueness transcends objections about price.
    • How to leverage your most powerful asset—your brand—for greatest results.
    • Why telling stories is far more effective than imparting benefits.
    • How every performance has a beginning, middle, and end. Design your presentations for impact, and move your customers to action.
    • How to build relationships for success.
    • How to break through external barriers and self-imposed limitations.

    Continuous Improvement: Because sales happen in real-time, and every encounter is unique, the high-performance salesperson must be committed to improving and building upon every sales experience. With every one performance there are three—the one you plan, the one you do, and the one you should have done (and think about on the way home). Dan helps sales professionals to:

    • Prepare daily and take a disciplined approach to developing skills. Go into each sales performance with a plan and specific approach. (The first show)
    • Develop the ability to improvise, discover opportunities that arise, and use those opportunities to build trust and rapport. (The second show)
    • Intentionally "debrief" each effort, identifying what worked well, what you can build on, and what you can improve or eliminate. (The third show)

    Embracing Change: Off Balance On Purpose: The concept of "Off Balance On Purpose" is central to Dan's work and is all about initiating changes that lead to growth and results. He makes the case that we are in a perpetual stage of transition and the pursuit of perfect balance, while well intended, is out of sync with reality. The top performer must be off balance—biased toward shaping future events. Dan illustrates this concept atop a six foot unicycle, demonstrating how forward progress begins by leaning into the uncertainty. It is uncomfortable, at times, to launch yourself into the unknown, but it is absolutely necessary to drive results.

    • You are off balance, and must be, in order to serve your customers, drive results, and improve your efforts.
    • "On purpose" has an intentional dual meaning—that you are intentionally embracing the uncertainty and initiating changes AND that you are bringing a sense of purpose, or mission, to your efforts. A strong, compelling purpose will help you overcome challenges and attract advocates to your cause.

    Building Relationships for Success: One of the segments of Dan's presentation involves bringing an audience member on stage and coaching her to effectively perform a team juggling performance with me. This is a very powerful experience, as it engages someone in a real-time challenge and also enables him to illustrate and teach the principles for effective partnership with customers. Some of the lessons that are incorporated in this routine (and debriefed afterward) include:

    • Start with belief. It's impossible to accomplish something if you don't believe it is possible.
    • Build upon strengths (your own, and your customers').
    • Establish clear targets.
    • Build a solid foundation before attempting too much.
    • Provide feedback, and invite feedback from your partners.
    • Encourage progress and celebrate success.
    • Dan also includes a bonus example of how to "upsell" your customer toward a more compelling goal.
    • The way you treat one person is the way you treat everyone. This is why ethics, values, and core beliefs are integral to a long and successful career.

    Breaking Barriers: There are some wonderful examples and stories Dan likes to include in this presentation. One of these involves the story of Tony Steele, legendary trapeze performer and the FIRST man to break the barrier of the triple somersault. Tony, also a very good friend of Dan's, performed the 3 1/2 somersault in 1962, a world record that stood for 20 years. In this touching story, Dan encourages the audience to adopt a new approach to their personal limitations and challenge them to transcend those ideas (let go) in order to grasp a new level of success. Tony is 78 years old and still performs trapeze. Dan closes this segment with a short video of Tony in action.

    This is a wonderful and powerful segment that will cause everyone to rethink their own concept of limitations!

  • SAFE Danger: Effectively Managing Uncertainty and Risk

    It may seem counter-intuitive to learn about safety from someone who performs back flips from chairs, balances on moving objects, and juggles axes. But, upon closer examination, it makes absolute sense. All jobs and endeavors contain elements of risk. Certain responsibilities and workplace environments require heightened attention to elements of danger. Dan will demonstrate how, by adopting the right approach, you can effectively eliminate the worst-case scenarios and ensure a long and healthy career. This safety presentation is both informative and exciting, as Dan incorporates examples and illustrations from his lifelong, successful performance career.

    Drawing on his background as a professional performer, acrobat and juggler of dangerous implements, Dan Thurmon knows firsthand the importance of Safe Danger. While other safety presentations rely on the perspective of an academic, trainer or accident victim, Dan speaks to your employees from the perspective of a high performer with certain, very real risks.

    What this means for your organization is highly entertaining, yet effective safety presentations that deliver hard value. Dan has helped numerous companies lower the incidence of accidents, create more focused employees and create a Safe Danger mindset.

"The valuable strategies you were able to visually convey through your presentation gave our participants a strong image and affiliation with our goals and objectives." —Delta

"We would like to convey our immense appreciation for your performance. Your extraordinary skill to inspire, entertain, and advance us all to the next level in life is simply incredible." —Brooklyn Financial Group

"Dan was incredible! The managers, staff and owner operators couldn’t stop talking about the session. The juggling, unicycle, acrobatics and the handstand on the podium were all tied to the learning. It was a home run!" —McDonald's

"I have heard numerous attendees say that you are the BEST presenter they have ever seen, and I would have to agree! Your energy and enthusiasm are evident from the moment you take the stage, and it's infectious." —Deloitte

"Your session was the perfect end to a very successful day. I'm still getting positive feedback on your message four weeks later! Your message and delivery really helped reinforce my priorities with my team." —IBM

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