Michael Brandwein

Michael Brandwein

Personal Leadership Development

  • Fee ranges between: $5,001 - $8,000

    The fee range listed in is USD, represents the price for a keynote presentation in the person's home nation, and does not include travel and lodging. We strive to keep this information up to date, though price changes are often sudden and occasionally significant. Several other factors can impact fees and costs: location, length of presentation, audio/visual requirements and the cost of providing them on-site and currency fluctuation. The exact cost for a particular speaker for your situation is readily available from one of our associates.

  • Specializes in: Accountability, Author, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Leadership, Management, Team Building/Teamwork
  • Travels From: Illinois


  • The Real Truth About Sticks and Stones: Recharging our Batteries and Creating Changeability

    Successful leadership of others begins with more expert leadership of ourselves. Michael uses a creative, highly entertaining approach to present a practical, no-nonsense set of tools to help people:

     Handle stress and keep balanced
     Be more open to learning new things and keep growing professionally
     Work better with others
     Resist burnout
     Meet challenges with more flexibility and skill
     Handle change in positive ways

    This session lets each of us take a refreshing and often surprising look at the conclusions we've made about ourselves, why we believe them, and how they unconsciously hold us back by limiting our choices. It demonstrates how to listen to ourselves with greater skill and replaces the prevailing myth about people's "styles" with more positive steps to help us be more flexibly effective. You'll be recharged and revitalized!

  • The Leading Secrets to Leading Others: Why There's No Such Thing as a Born Leader

    To be terrific leaders who continually develop new and stronger skills in ourselves and others, we need to become really expert at one thing: focusing on skills instead of qualities. This energizing session shows exactly how to do it.

    We will:
     Demonstrate to ourselves a surprising critical error in how we've been trained to look at successful people;
     Use "Olivier's Law," three key communication rules, and two specific steps to more immediately improve individual and team skills;
     Learn and practice a simple but powerful "reverse engineering" technique to identify and use skills that develop better working relationships with others; and
     Take home over 200 immediately useable examples of what outstanding leaders say and do that will make a positive difference in our own work every day.

  • Houdini's Greatest Secret Was That There Was One: Unlocking and Unblocking the Path to Personal and Organizational Success

    Houdini, the most famous magician in history, performed such unbelievable escapes and illusions that many highly intelligent people believed these unexplainable feats could be only performed with supernatural powers. You'll be shocked—and see for your own eyes—what Houdini did to prove them wrong. His legend still fascinates and entertains us—but we can learn some surprising and highly useful techniques from his approach to competition, innovation, and reaching for the top goals that may seem unreachable. This unique keynote presentation creatively employs actual demonstrations of some incredible magic to disclose some amazing secrets about the master magician that help us handle problems, fears, challenges, and change. They can help us achieve success as an organization and as professionals. And, at its conclusion, we will see for ourselves what Houdini called his greatest physical and mental challenge: an escape in full view from a real, regulation hospital straitjacket—not the tricky way with a magician's prop that we may have seen on TV, but a real demonstration with a real restraint done in the way Houdini thrilled audiences over a hundred years ago.

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