Seth Mattison

Seth Mattison

Internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics

  • Fee ranges between: $17,501 - $22,000

    The fee range listed in is USD, represents the price for a keynote presentation in the person's home nation, and does not include travel and lodging. We strive to keep this information up to date, though price changes are often sudden and occasionally significant. Several other factors can impact fees and costs: location, length of presentation, audio/visual requirements and the cost of providing them on-site and currency fluctuation. The exact cost for a particular speaker for your situation is readily available from one of our associates.

  • Specializes in: Culture/Work Environment, Generational Issues, Human Resources, Social Media, Succession Planning
  • Travels From: California


  • Overview

    All of Seth's sessions are CUSTOMIZED after a detailed research call prior to the event. Seth delivers presentations with specific take-away value that will help organizations:

    • Harness the power and perspective of their top talent
    • Tap into the hidden brainpower throughout the entire organization
    • Establish an ongoing system to nurture and harvest the best ideas
    • Learn how to adapt more quickly and proactively to changes in the marketplace
    • Foster a culture of stewardship of careers, capabilities, resources, the environment, and values

  • The Shift: Building Next Generation Enterprises for a Next Generation Workforce

    For future focused organizations to succeed in the 21st Century a bold approach to management is needed. An approach where freedom, trust, and experimentation are not only embraced but encouraged.

    The challenge is most organizations today have been constructed upon a model not built for this century. A model based on principles of top down command and control, centralized power and information. Characteristics not equipped for the dynamic changes happening in the new world of work.

    In this program Seth offers a fresh perspective and call to action for leadership mavericks and trailblazers at all levels to begin the work of dismantling the rigid fixed structures holding organizations back from thriving in the new world of work.

    Attendees of The Shift will gain:

    • Deep insights into the make or break challenges and road blocks that will define "Pivotal" Management success in the new world of work.
    • Fresh perspective on the changing landscape and management models for developing talent and driving innovation.
    • Confidence to challenge the status quo and a clear set of guideposts for conducting high-value, low risk management experiments.
    • A framework to guide their journey into the new world of work.

  • The Future of Work Today: Insights from the New World of Work

    We are entering the greatest period of business transformation the world has ever known. The rigid models we've come to count upon for centuries are no longer reliable and in many instances, even considered relevant. The constant state of disruption we are experiencing mandates a bold new approach to leadership.

    This program is designed to help leaders prepare to navigate a new business landscape where the pace of change is elevating and collaboration is the key ingredient to unleashing the innovation required to compete and win.
    Supported with cutting edge research and category leading case studies Seth will prepare audience participants today for what is going to be required to compete and thrive tomorrow.

    Attendees of The Future of Work Today will gain:

    • Deep insights into what's coming next in the new world of work for leaders at all levels.
    • Unique perspectives on the macro drivers of change and a deep understanding of how employees attitudes and behaviors are evolving.
    • A new framework to see beyond the fades and more clearly understand the trends certain to impact the business landscape over the coming decade.

  • Relationship Revolution: Building Better Connections in the Digital Age

    In today's super-wired, highly digital society, humans still crave social interaction and relationships. In business, creating strong relationships is the key to achieving success, both individually and as an organization.
    What's the secret for cultivating successful relationships, particularly in business? As more and more of lives play out virtually, connections can sometimes feel less than fulfilling. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Foursquare, it's important to remember just how powerful it can be to reach beyond the fiber optics and make that physical connection.

    By balancing the time and energy we spend in both the physical and virtual space we can create deeper and more meaningful connections. In The Relationship Revolution Seth will explore 5 key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.

    Attendees of The Relationship Revolution will gain:

    • Insights on the roadblocks preventing us from forming meaning relationships in the digital age.
    • New perspectives on the power of empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability to foster lasting bonds.
    • A road map and follow up plan to nurture and grow lasting relationships.

  • Accelerating Accessibility: Strategies for Engaging the Connected Consumer

    We're witnessing the greatest fundamental shift the world has ever seen in the way we organize, collaborate, connect, and contribute. Whether it's empowered clients connecting with your brand in new ways or engaged employees amplifying their voices, the walls that have divided us are crumbling down.

    Leading this evolution is a new generation disrupting every industry and market segment they occupy. Digitally charged and hyper-connected, they are rewriting the rules of engagement. In response to this dynamic shift, a new ethos and view of the world will be required by brands today - one more human, authentic, and accessible to all.
    In this session, Seth will bring to life this new-networked view of the world. He'll offer new insights, best practice recommendations, and actionable tools to foster long-term loyalty and brand preference amongst the next generation of consumers.

  • Gen-Power: Unleashing the Potential of Every Generation

    Take a look around your organization today. There's a good chance you working alongside 3 and possibly even 4 generations of talent. Going forward, the workforce is moving inexorably toward greater diversity. This dynamic can create crippling challenges or game changing advantages for teams that learn to recognize, understand, value, and ultimately tap the strategic perspective that lies within every generation. Fresh eyes alongside seasoned wisdom will be a fierce force in the new world of work. Gen-Power will help you harness it.

    In this session, Seth will help you understand the histories, personalities, strengths and challenges of each unique generational group, while also sharing insights and best practices on leading, managing, recruiting and retaining colleagues of all ages and experience levels.

  • Preparing Leaders to Thrive in the New World of Work (Joint Program with Ryan Estis)

    Please contact National Speakers Bureau regarding the specifics and fees for this program.
    This leadership development experience was designed specifically to help leadership teams prepare to guide their organization through the incredible transformation we are going to experience on the journey to 2020.

    As our workforce and customers evolve, the way we approach leadership also needs to transform. Traditional, hierarchical leadership is giving way to a more connected, collaborative and flexible approach to managing people and performance.

    Is your leadership team ready to unleash human potential and deliver the 2020 performance vision?

    In a day dedicated to preparing your leadership team to thrive in a 2020 world, Ryan and Seth will challenge conventional leadership practices and reveal progressive techniques that pace with the evolving needs of today’s next generation knowledge worker.

    Every leadership program Ryan and Seth deliver is highly customized to the unique situation and development needs of the organization. During a proprietary discovery process Ryan and Seth conduct qualitative and quantitative research in order to customize the curriculum design. Simply put, the same leadership development program is never delivered twice because every experience is mapped to the specific requirements of the program participants.

    Ryan and Seth teach by revealing insights gained through the research, creating a more customized learning experience. Participants will engage in activities designed to solve actual business challenges, creating very real outcomes for the organization. Bottom line is the leadership team will be building alignment together through a highly collaborative and very customized development experience.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify data, trends, challenges and opportunities from the quantitative research
    • Understand the shifts happening specific to employee attitude, expectations, behavior and engagement in the new world of work
    • Identify gaps in alignment and pockets of resistance to change
    • Know the keys to leading a culture of high performance and accountability
    • Build an action plan to deliver the 2020 Performance Vision

“Seth Mattison is a force to be reckoned with. Seth spoke at one of our Leadership events and focused his message around “Managing 4 generations in the workplace”. His content was spot on. His keynote was engaging, interactive and connected directly with our audience. Seth did his homework and reached out to several members as well as visiting a member company before the event to ensure he was able to tie in “real-life issues” to the program. His message was just the jump start our members needed to begin reshaping their views and planning within their companies. His presentation was so compelling, that several of our member companies have asked him to attend their conferences or company events to share the knowledge. I would definitively recommend him again.” —PMA

“Seth was the wrap up speaker at a conference ATB Financial hosted, including a mix of 500 top customers, ATB Board Directors, and Executive team members. He was passionate, insightful, and full of energy in sharing his stories and perspective. Mattison comes from a place of deep understanding regarding the opportunities served up through leadership accountability, workforce trends, and the tricky navigation of inter generation teams. He has the skill of making his presentation authentically connect with the audience and their thirst for learning and leadership. Participants from all groups raved about his memorable session. Seth and his work are embraced as a key part of our leadership strategy and system.” —ATB Financial

“I just want to thank you for your outstanding presentation in Indianapolis…You touched on so many important points, perspectives and trends that I’ve been expressing to my managers, VPs and just recently my CEO, trying my hardest not to come off too harsh or as a ‘know it all millennium brat’. Not an easy task! It was so nice and refreshing to have an outsider, completely unbiased, deliver the same message. As you can imagine, the insurance world is a very slowly adapting and often times technological challenged industry. Despite the growing opportunities for us millennials, it isn’t without its challenges. Your presentation was not only inspiring for us ‘millennials’ but also for the gen X and baby boomers about to retire. For that, I thank you! You definitely had our wheels spinning, giving me the opportunity to benefit from brilliant mentors who are now a bit more willing to pass down their experience, success and failures. Again, thank you!” —LOGiQ3 Corp

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