Vikram Mansharamani

Vikram Mansharamani

Expert on Bubble Scenarios and Author of Boombustology

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  • Specializes in: Economy, Future/Trends, Globalization, International Business, Politics and Government
  • Travels From: Massachusetts


  • Zoom Out!: The Generalist Advantage

    Every day, we are confronted with radical global uncertainty—political, economic, technological, societal, and market forces. To cut through the noise and confusion, we have increasingly come to rely on hyper-specialized experts to help navigate these changes. There’s no doubt specialization has helped us solve important problems, but has the pendulum swung too far? Vikram Mansharamani thinks it has. He offers scores of compelling real-life examples that show how being too focused can lead us to miss the most important signals—the ones we’re least primed to see. Vikram advice is counter-intuitive. He advocates opening up to get a broader view. He calls it a generalist’s mindset. Generalists win by zooming out and paying attention to more than their area of expertise. When most people encounter seemingly irrelevant information, they think, “So what?!” Generalists think, “Isn’t that interesting!” When they connect those disparate dots, generalists often arrive at very different conclusions from the so-called “experts.” This speech gives audiences powerful tools to better anticipate the future.

  • Globalization: Returning with a Vengeance?

    Populist upheavals are signaling a widespread rejection of globalization. And it’s not just happening in the North Atlantic. Nationalist figures are popping up the world over. Meanwhile, global trade growth has been slowing.
    What’s driving these seismic shifts, and how should we navigate the great uncertainty they generate? Global trend-spotter Vikram Mansharamani takes audiences on a tour of global economic and political chaos, outlining the deeper forces—demographic, cultural, and technological—driving the unrest. In doing so, he gives audiences the tools to identify both risks and opportunities in a world of dis-integrating business. And, challenging the pessimism that this story might prompt, Mansharamani concludes by describing a long-run reason for hope: the rise of the global middle class and the return of an open, liberal, globalized world. That’s right, he believes globalization is going to return.

  • Consumption Boom Ahead

    Every day, the media trumpets warnings of a global economic slowdown. The price of oil and other commodities have crashed, damaging emerging and developed economies alike that depend on them to be high. In a world of persistently low interest rates and easy money, people have struggled to find good investments. The IMF has downgraded its global growth forecasts. It’s understandable why gloom is the mood everywhere. But Vikram Mansharamani sees things differently. For him, the current sense of doom is really just a fleeting moment between two massive booms. He is optimistic, and his mission is to spread his vision of long-term global prosperity to counteract today’s nearly universal mood of shortsighted pessimism. Where others see threat, he sees opportunity.

  • The End of Cheap Food

    Food is emerging as one of the future’s most volatile assets. Shifting political, economic, technological, climatic and societal change all factor into the equation. Vikram Mansharamani shows that the era of cheap food is over and describes the geo-political and geo-economic ramifications—from Wall Street to Pudong. The implications of land grabs, fertilizer availability, genetic modification, climate change, water scarcity, and price-related food (in)security will have profound impact on our world.

  • Avoid Surprises: Spot Bubbles Before They Burst

    Vikram contends the ability to identify financial (and other) bubbles before they burst is easier if you step outside your own expertise. Narrow focus can lead to tunnel-vision. Instead, to zoom out and look through multiple lenses—to art markets, architecture, popular culture, economics, politics, and more. Vikram empowers audiences with practical tools and assures them that they don’t need to be an expert to effectively anticipate the future.

"He was fabulous! A big hit and hit the nail on the head with our meeting theme- was the perfect end to the week." —Underwriters Lab

"Vikram remains one of's top speakers and dinner guests." —

"The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! I personally have never listened to a better speaker. Your message was tailor made for my team." —Energy Operations

"Great session by Vikram, in my opinion, and informal feedback has been quite positive." —Invesco

"What a hit you were at our meetings! So many people commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they gained from it!" —Lincoln Financial Advisors

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