Walter Bond

Walter Bond

America's Accountability Leader

  • Fee ranges between: $17,501 - $22,000

    The fee range listed in is USD, represents the price for a keynote presentation in the person's home nation, and does not include travel and lodging. We strive to keep this information up to date, though price changes are often sudden and occasionally significant. Several other factors can impact fees and costs: location, length of presentation, audio/visual requirements and the cost of providing them on-site and currency fluctuation. The exact cost for a particular speaker for your situation is readily available from one of our associates.

  • Specializes in: Accountability, Attitude, Change, Leadership, Motivation/Inspiration, Peak Performance, Sports, Team Building/Teamwork


  • Bigger. Faster. Stronger. The Proven Path to Break Away from the Pack. (Keynote)

    Have you ever seen a rock star colleague? Their trophy case is full. They're always picked first. And they struggle to fit all their accolades on a two page resume'.

    Ever wish you were that kind of power player?

    You can be. But first you have to know that you are not your resume. Or your trophy case. Or just a number in your bank account. You are so much more!

    In this powerful program delivered by Power Speaker, Walter Bond, you will discover how to break beyond expectations to be bigger, faster, and stronger that you thought possible.

    When Walter steps off the stage you will:

    • Unlock your greatest potential to propel you to the next level
    • Accelerate on a proven path to reach your goals
    • Step out of the pack to own the spotlight

    This keynote can be customized to fit your audience.

  • When Gold Ain't Good Enough: How Top Performers become Epic Achievers (Keynote)

    You are at the top of your game. Your wall is covered with plaques. And your trophy case is filled… except for that one spot.

    Even the best of the best need a little extra motivation to keep reaching goals. And Walter Bond is here to deliver exactly what you need.

    In this powerful program Power Speaker Walter Bond deliver the extra spark your top players need to stay at the top of their game.

    You will discover:

    • How Power Players tap into intrinsic motivation to move forward faster
    • How to transform your great into amazing
    • The five ways top performers become top achievers

    This keynote can be customized to fit your audience.

  • Suck it up. Get Tough. What Peak Performers do that Others Don't (Keynote or Workshop)

    You don't have to train to be in last place. Most people are cursed by average so they might make it to the middle. Peak Performers, however, see the middle as a final resting place for greatness.

    So what do Peak Performers do that others don't?

    Walter Bond—Power Speaker—has the secret. As a former NBA professional from the South Side of Chicago, Walter has discovered what it takes to suck it up, get mentally tough, and perform competitively at the highest level.

    In this powerfully motivating program you will discover:

    • How to be positioned to reach your highest potential
    • The secret sauce that makes Peak Performers exceptional
    • The one thing that matters most to you and everyone around you

    This keynote can be customized to fit your audience.

  • All Buts Stink: There are No Excuses for Success (Keynote)

    It's the economy. It's because of my boss. It's politics. Regardless of what you choose, excuses are the kryptonite keeping you from achieving greatness.

    Peak Performers don't have excuses; they have reasons to succeed. They deliver results. And instead of saying but, they ask how.

    It is time to silence the noise, ignore the distractions, and get back to fundamentals. When you do the ladder to success will feel like an escalator. Hop on!

    Power speaker, Walter Bond, will uncover the hidden excuses that trip us up in our trek to be better. In this content rich program you will discover how to:

    • The daily habits of high performance people
    • Leverage an attitude gives you altitude
    • Eradicate excuses and embrace initiative

    This keynote can be customized to fit your audience.

  • Team Chemistry Trumps Individual Talent: How Exceptional Leaders Deliver Unprecedented Wins (Keynote or Workshop)

    Not every team player is a performer. Not every leader gets to pick all stars. And yet still, some leaders have a magic spell that transforms a group of individuals into a single high-performing unit.

    But there's no sorcery here. It's all about the chemistry.

    While Walter Bond won't take you back to 9th grade science class, he will share the formula used by top NBA Coaches to create winning team dynamics year after year. When you need a group of individual players to work collectively and cohesively to reach organizational goals, then this program is for you.

    You will discover how to:

    • Recruit and retain the right talent at the right time for maximum results
    • Transform lower performing individuals into top team players
    • Drive loyalty to the team and pride of belonging
    • Design a framework for powerful teamwork
    • Build a team chemistry that bonds

    This keynote can be customized to fit your audience.

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