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In his humor-filled presentations,†Larry Winget†teaches universal principles that will work for anyone, in any business, at any time. He believes that most of us have complicated life and business way too much, take it way too seriously, and that we need to lighten up, take responsibility, be more flexible, stay positive, and keep it in perspective. His common sense solutions are impossible to argue with, and your audience will leave with the will and tools to succeed.

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Nolan Bushnell
Newsweek named Nolan Bushnell one of the "50 Men That Changed America." He founded Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, and is the only person to have ever hired Steve Jobs. Nolan's presentations spur out-of-the-box thinking and help audiences enhance their own perspectives on entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

Mike Rayburn
Mike Rayburn uses his astounding guitar creations, uproarious songs and presentation skills to encourage, challenge and inspire his audiences to step beyond their perceived limitations. His presentations will demonstrate the simple tools that took him from playing for seven drunks in a bar in Virginia to standing ovations at Carnegie Hall. Oh, and you'll laugh so hard it hurts!
Anthony "AB" Bourke
Anthony "AB" Bourke is a former Air Force pilot who uses the thousands of hours of flight and training time flying F-16, one of our nationís front line fighters, to help business people understand the role communication plays in organizations running smoothly. Audiences leave energized and equipped with the tools to achieve peak performance in their work.

08.27.2014: Erik Wahl Featured in Forefront Magazine's Blog

08.14.2014 Chip Bell Quoted in USA Today

08.04.2014: Alan Parisseís Book Listed #2 by OnWallStreet.com

07.22.2014: David Meerman Scott's New Book Release: September 2, 2014

06.05.14: Karl Mecklenburg achieves the Certified Speaking Professional designation.

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