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Tim Sanders: Sales Genius is a Team Sport
Each sale is—at its core—a myriad of problems solved. No one person can solve them all. It takes creativity. It takes team effort. It takes collaboration. In his new keynote, Tim Sanders shows organizations how to break down the silos in their organizations, collaborate effectively, and win more deals.

Vinh Giang: Collaboration is the Key to Success
Magician Vinh Giang has built businesses from a very young age. His love of business and magic has led him to discover many common threads between the two worlds. His talks take audiences on an unforgettable journey—from his humble beginnings of a Vientamese refugee family to the important lessons he's learned along his path to success. With interactive live magic, Vinh shows people how to expand their perspective and collaborate with others to accomplish great things.

Sheila Heen: Mastering the Art of Feedback
Collaboration, innovation, high performance, and sound decision-making all hinge on leaders’ ability to have difficult conversations and discuss honest feedback when it matters most. Bestselling author Sheila Heen shows business people how to effectively engage in these conversations. Sheila does more than inspire. She provides solid analytical frameworks and practical skills that enable attendees to put their learning to work immediately in their most important and valuable working relationships.

Boris Brott: Playing Together
Boris Brott is one of the most internationally recognized Canadian conductors, holding major posts as music director in Canada and the United States. His presentations are infused with music as attendees play the various notes of a song. People learn about working together, appreciating the parts others play, and how a group well-led can create something very special. Boris always receives high praise!

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