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Workforce expert Seth Mattison shares tools to deal with people from different generations:

Consultant, author, acclaimed speaker, and enlightened Gen Xer Cam Marston has literally traveled the world with his message of improved multigenerational relations. Cam continually emphasizes the need to go beyond life stage models and demographics and further explore the values and belief systems of each distinct generation. In his article "Master to apprentice, apprentice to master," Cam shares the different proficiencies of Boomers and Millennials and how both groups can learn from the other.  

Jake Greene and his work have been featured in national print, radio and TV media, including FORTUNE.com, CNNMoney, Current TV, and XM Satellite Radio. With humo and an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, Jake offers peer-level advice to help young professionals succeed in the working world while also providing insights for Gen X and Baby Boomer bosses looking to adapt to the needs of their changing workforce. Jake has written some advice to help businesses better engage Millennials. Check out his article "Waste Time, Make Money: 5 Minutes Online can Revolutionize Your Business."

09.02.2014 "Master to apprentice, apprentice to master"

09.02.2014 "Waste Time, Make Money: 5 Minutes Online can Revolutionize Your Business"

08.27.2014: Erik Wahl Featured in Forefront Magazine's Blog

08.14.2014 Chip Bell Quoted in USA Today

08.04.2014: Alan Parisse’s Book Listed #2 by OnWallStreet.com

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