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Kindra Hall believes we are one story away from greatness. Stories are a powerful tool! Whether we want to connect, influence, or move others to action, when we use story, our words become more powerful and effective. Stories can be used to broach difficult topics; they can be used to coach people by giving examples of behavior. We all have stories! The key is to find them and use them—and Kindra helps audiences do just that. A rising star!

Eric Boles
Eric Boles wins rave reviews from companies who are accustomed to hearing from the very best! Eric is a powerful speaker who was in the NFL for three years. He encourages your group to capitalize on the opportunities they have. He weaves in stories and examples of teamwork and leadership that bring his points to life. His presentations are highly tailored to the needs of your group. Truly a star!
Chris Helder
Chris Helder delivers a high-energy look at understanding and influencing people. Chris shares specific, easy to use tactics to connect with and influence others, whether you’re leading a team or trying to win a career-making account. Audiences discover the mindset, behaviors and insights that lead to greater success. Drawing from many fields of research, Chris combines humor and highly tailored content. Few people rev up an audience the way Chris does!

Hannah Ubl
Hannah Ubl is an expert on generations in the workforce. Each generation brings unique strengths to work, and Hannah helps us appreciate them. She uses a blend of stories and data to help people gain a deeper understanding of one another – and her talk is enlivened by the use of videos and photos. Hannah includes tips and tactics to implement immediately to be more effective at work. This Millennial is very engaging as she delivers a highly interactive talk!

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