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Reaching New Heights

Adam Kreek: Slow and Steady Separates the Best from the Rest
Adam Kreek is an Olympic gold medalist, journalist, and social entrepreneur whose stories and lessons from success equip people to go farther and achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

Mark Eaton: The Four Commitments of a Winning Team
At the age of 21, Mark Eaton, at 7 foot 4, had no experience, talent, or interest in basketball, yet he went on to become an NBA All-Star who achieved success beyond anything he imagined. Today, Mark shares the secret of achieving new heights in business: teamwork. Teamwork is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Audiences leave Mark's presentations with the four commitments that empower sports superstars, and business people, to reach the top.

Stacy Allison: We Can Get There from Here
Stacy Allison was the first American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest and is now president of her own construction firm. Stacy relates her business experience with her mountain experience in a way that connects with he issues audiences face, helping them scale their own monumental challenges. She inspires people to move beyond limitations and reach for their dreams.

Matt McFadyen: Sitting Still Means Going Backwards
Matt McFadyen is a sailor and record breaking polar adventurer who uses the latest in interactive technology to take audiences on a unique and compelling leadership journey--where they make the decisions. Matt encourages audiences to challenge themselves to think differently, lead differently, and achieve their potential. Sitting still means going backwards. People leave his presentation moving forward.

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