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Vikram Mansharamani is an expert on boom and bust cycles, and how to identify a bubble before it bursts. Because the world is experiencing an accelerating number of booms and busts, knowing what to look for—how to connect the dots and draw conclusions—is a vital business skill these days.  

To learn more about Vikram, you can visit his page here

Mary LoVerde
Mary LoVerde a life-balance expert. Mary presents a wealth of creative ideas, tips and strategies for living a balanced life with less stress—and more joy and satisfaction. Her practical "works in real life" ideas are easily implemented. Mary wins rave reviews from audiences ranging from the Mayo Clinic to the American Trucking Association.

Ivan Joseph
Ivan Joseph is a winning soccer coach with a Ph.D. in sports psychology. He built men’s and women’s collegiate teams from the ground up to a National Championship for the men and #1 ranking for the women—in just 5 years. And won recognition as Coach of the Year to boot. He talks about self-confidence, the “grit” to persevere in spite of setbacks, and leading teams to success. Dynamic and inspiring, the stories and lessons he shares apply to business and to life.

Joe McCormack
Joe McCormack notes that in an era of shrinking attention spans and floods of information, brevity is essential. We make a bigger impact when we say less. With experience including serving as SVP of corporate advertising for Ketchum, executives are keen to hear Joe’s advice on messaging that makes an impact.

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