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Daymond John: The Power of Broke
Having nothing can be a powerful force. Shark Tank celebrity Daymond John started with nothing and built an empire from the only resources he could afford: creativity and passion. Today, he helps businesses build their brands and reach their goals. His presentations are powerful and memorable. 

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John O'Leary: On Fire
We can't always choose the path we walk, but we can choose how we walk it. John O'Leary was a child when he nearly lost his life to a terrible burn accident. Through the support of those around him, he survived, embraced the different path before him, and thrived. John emboldens audiences to embrace the challenges they face and turn adversity into triumph.
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Brené Brown: Rising Strong
What ties together the people who live courageously and get back up when they fall? In answering this question, Brené Brown has aroused us to recognize the important role emotion plays when we struggle. She shows us how to regain our footing in the face of failure and rise strong.
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Tim Sanders: Dealstorming
Closing a deal is an increasingly complex process. Tim Sanders argues that the key is cross-departmental collaboration. Each person who has a stake in the sale plays a vital role in developing creative solutions to the even the toughest sales challenges. Teams across all major industries who have employed Tim's strategies have achieved an average closing ratio of 70%. Dealstorming works.
Learn more about Tim's book.

04.26.2016: Patrick Lencioni's New Book

03.31.2016: John O'Leary's New Book is a Best-Seller

03.01.2016: Bill Walton Releases New Book

01.18.2016: Laura Stack Releases New Keynote and Book

01.13.2016: Peter Sheahan Releases New Keynote and Book Matter

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