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Liz Wiseman was an executive at Oracle for over 17 years before she went on to focus her work toward leadership research and development. Thinkers50 has included her in their rankings, and others have named her one of the top 10 leadership thinkers in the world. Her poignant presentations help groups understand how effective leadership starts with being a multiplier, someone who nurtures—not diminishes—the skills and knowledge of others. 

Michael Brandwein
An award-winning speaker and educator, Michael Brandwein is recognized internationally for his expertise in communication, management and personal leadership development. His presentations help audiences learn how to better understand human nature and become more effective in their careers.
Mike Rayburn
Mike Rayburn went from playing for seven drunks in a bar in Virginia to standing ovations at Carnegie Hall. His presentations, among other things, talk about asking better questions, setting goals that don't exist, and resolving to be the best. He uses his astounding guitar creations and uproarious songs to encourage, challenge and inspire his audiences to step beyond their perceived limitations.
John Foley
Former Navy Blue Angel lead pilot John Foley talks about the processes around the precision flying teamís success, the missteps that occurred along the way and the importance of humility and kindness paired with strict discipline, strategy and planning. He gives organizations tools to enable individuals and companies to break through barriers and embrace challenges as impassioned teams in alignment.

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