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Cary Mullen

Olympian, World Cup Champion, Performance Expert

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Former Olympic athlete, World Cup Ski Champion, author, and serial entrepreneur, Cary Mullen’s unique presentation transcends the world of sports and helps organizations succeed at a higher level. Motivating and entertaining, he provides a talk that energizes your event and inspires different thinking. His 5 Winning Secrets™ leave your team with concrete tools that move any organization forward and beyond any adversity they may be facing. In addition to his “Best speaker we’ve ever had” delivery, 

Cary challenges attendees to:

  • Innovate their systems and processes
  • Lunge forward into “best in sales” mentality
  • Get new results through “team captain” leadership

Four valuable attendee gifts are included in all of Cary Mullen’s presentations:

  • An interactive, multi-media self-development program valued at $ 297 per person
  • Mp3 download of his talk
  • Articles with tips for winning
  • The 5 Winning Secrets ™ audience card

Lunging Forward
In today’s extreme conditions fear, doubt and uncertainty are paralyzing people’s power, both professionally and personally. As outlined in Cary Mullen’s book, HOW TO WIN: Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions, your attendees will discover the important distinction between the two kinds of fear we all experience. They will learn the four reactions to fear and which ones they are over or under using. Through the IDLE formula and Lunge Forward Approach, Mullen shows attendees how reduce their stress, overcome their fears and improve their execution in the following areas. Sales people are liberated and motivated; leaders are empowered and inspired; staff are energized and engaged!

  • Blasting out of their comfort zone
  • Taking on change
  • Making the tough decisions
  • Holding team members accountable

One way or another, individuals who consistently achieve the best results have the courage to innovate even when it is very uncomfortable. On a shoestring budget and a finite amount of time to innovate and implement something new, Cary Mullen carved his way into the record books by using measurement, innovation and the 5 Winning Secrets™. This presentation addresses two challenges facing leaders and top producers in any industry:

  • Identifying your brightest techniques…those places where you are brilliant
  • Recognizing the industry paradigms or the status quos that may be holding you back from innovating.

Cary shares how to identify and measure your brilliance, how to breakthrough what seems ‘logical’ to the industry and innovate new approaches, even if they might seem crazy to others.

Team Captain Leadership
Thriving in extreme conditions, building stronger relationships and increasing your team’s performance are the leadership hallmarks of a Team Captain. During this presentation, Cary Mullen shares the 5 skills of world class leaders: Focus, Execution, Adaptability, Teamwork and Self-Improvement. He shares insights on how leaders can improve each of these skills personally and in their team.

Cary’s five part learning cycle provides a map for leading each of your team members to new heights and new results. You will discover:

  • How to work and lead at the same time…like a Team Captain.
  • How to crystallize intention while maintaining attention.
  • How to customize your leadership to the situation and the team member.
  • 10 types of visualization garnered from sport that apply to leadership and business.
  • The 1 leadership attribute that inspires teams, especially in extreme conditions.

About Speaker Cary Mullen

Cary Mullen is a two time Olympian and World Cup Downhill Ski Champion who currently holds the world downhill speed record for skiing the toughest course in the world (Kitzbuhel, Austria) at an amazing speed of 97mph. The winning secrets he learned in sport have helped him to develop and run a highly successful real estate development company with his most recent achievement as resort developer of VivoResorts. As President of this successful resort development, Cary shares his 5 Winning Secrets™ with all of his audiences, showing them how they too can exceed their sales goals and lead others to unrivaled success.

Cary is an internationally recognized sports personality who was a non-prodigy. Using the 5 Winning Secrets™ Cary became a leader on the National Ski Team for 11 years, a two-time Olympian and ultimately World Cup Champion. With these athletic accomplishments combined with his successful business background and ability to move an audience to action, he shares what it takes to win in a highly competitive market.

Cary has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting with real estate investing during his athletic career and founding many real estate ventures since. As past Sales and General Manager for Dale Carnegie, this former partnering with the world leader in business training enabled Cary to consult with many international corporations to help them achieve better results. This global perspective is enhanced by Cary’s present-day, real estate investment company as well his resort development company, VivoResorts, based in Puerto Escondido, Mexico where he is actively involved in the day to day sales activity.

His personal mission is to promote and develop champions. He realizes the importance of giving back and lends his time and name to many charities. As a community leader, Cary has founded 2 charitable foundations and has served on the Board of Directors for the National Olympic Development Association and the National High Performance Advisory Committee.


  • President of VivoResorts and McCardell Holdings, real estate investment and development companies
  • Former General Sales Manager - Dale Carnegie
  • Voted as one of the Hottest Speakers of the Year by Successful Meetings Magazine
  • Author – HOW to WIN - Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions
  • Founder – “How to Win Success System” - Adult Learning Program
  • World Cup Downhill Champion & Record Holder
  • Two-Time Olympian & Ski Hall of Fame Inductee

The Five Winning Secrets 

  1. Pick Your Line: This is vision with a decision. Look at the obstacles, the opportunities and the lay of the land then decide, “This is what I am going for.” 
  2. Lunge Forward: This is stepping outside of our comfort zone and Lunging Forward into change. It is doing the things we might be hesitating on and the things that our competitors aren’t willing to do. Reactions to fear are natural. Responses to fear are controllable and trainable. Cary’s 4 step IDLE Formula for taking on challenges and change is a valuable resource for today’s audiences.
  3. Be Resilient: Top producers don’t get knocked down any less in life; they just get back up faster. We don’t need redundant persistence but adaptable persistence to overcome adversity to triumph. Cary’s stories of overcoming a concussion that left him with memory loss whereby he couldn’t remember the alphabet to finally regain 100% health is an example of such resilience.
  4. Teamwork Wins: This is a philosophy that makes winning faster, easier and more enjoyable. Cary was in an individual sport yet as he rose through the ranks he realized that it is a team sport. Embracing this philosophy opens up sales teams to share best practices and leapfrog one another to new heights.
  5. Winning Process: Preparation, Execution, Assessment and Rejuvenation - this is a cycle of improvement which world class athletes follow that guarantees improved performance and enhanced results. It is repeatable and deliberate.

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Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions
Team Captain Leadership
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